Help Ukraine

defend itself!


Photo credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Ukraine is facing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

But every one of us has a role to play in stopping this atrocious war Putin has brought upon Ukraine.

By working together we can halt the human rights violations currently taking place across Ukraine.

We must save lives. We must help Ukraine defend itself. 

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Help the Ukrainian army and their wounded, as well as the families and children caught in the developing conflict.

Donate in CRYPTOCURRENCY directly to the Ukrainian Government

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Ukraine needs more ammunition.

There is an urgent requirement to support Ukraine’s resistance and military efforts against the illegal and unprovoked aggression of the Russian war-machine.

While sanctions are important and indispensable, they do not have immediate effect.

The sanctions are not proportionate to the act of war and are not sufficient to shift the balance of power on the ground in the midst of a military conflict.

We must save lives.

The UK, US and EU must take concrete steps to prevent Russia from taking control of Ukraine and replacing a democratic system with an authoritarian regime. We must prevent an invasion in the heart of Europe.


Support Ukrainian Army

We are asking for immediate action.

The UK, US and EU must supply Ukrainian forces with:

  • More ammunition to continue the fight.

  • All-arms air defence systems.

  • Anti-UAV defence system (AUDS).

  • More heavy weapons.

  • Early warning systems for missile attacks.

  • Body armour and other PPE.

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Share this message with your network and put pressure on governments to give real help to Ukraine in this unequal fight. We must stop the Russian aggression.